BECKY - THE BEST SCORES OF 2020 - Film Music Institute

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“Escaped American Nazi prison trash gets wasted “Home Alone” style in this gleeful destruction derby by the makers of the killer kids’ movie “Cooties,” who channel well-deserved payback this time around into a teen girl hellion. Nima Fakhara, a prolific composer who’s particularly impressed with his synth-thick scores for the likes of “The Signal” and “Detroit Become Human” really piles on experimental anarchy to memorable effect. With just a haunting bit of piano and voice-topped humanity for a kid who’s messed up from the start with the death of her mom, Fakhara soon drives her mad to get to the musical meat and potatoes of accompaniment for arrows, knives, boat motors and lawn mowers with rhythmic heavy breathing, growling electronics and piano chords. It’s an angry mass of inventive sampling that sets a beyond ominous tone for the vengefully berserk synth shenanigans to get started. If alt. music is the beat of teen ennui, hearing Fakhara warp trance rhythms into a girl’s warpath has all of the suspensefully intense, slasher-friendly, screaming theme payback you’d hope for in a batshit genre score like this, one that in its way plays like John Carpenter having a keyboard meltdown. In the ongoing wave or retro horror synth soundtracks, here’s a killer sound taken to the next level by a good mean girl, here by a composer who knows how to cobble together electronics into particularly inventive weapons for an ersatz Native American on the righteous warpath against the embodiments of white hate that’s messed with the wrong family.”

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